5y6768iyutyrtheMost outdoor seats are either made of wood, plastic or metallic fittings. It has almost become a norm that all outdoor seats have to be made of hard materials. These seats are not as comfortable as the indoor sofas found in most households. This means that even in most relaxed environments such as beaches and pool sides one has to bear with the discomfort of hardened seats. However, this should not be the case if we were to embrace Laybag seats. These are portable and inflatable lounge seats that were invented by Germans to restore the comfort of outdoor seats. These seats are not only comfortable but also soothing and good for spine comfort.

Things you need to know about Laybag seats

Where to use Laybag chairs

Laybag chairs have all the characteristic features of outdoor seats. They are sun resistant, easy to clean and are not affected by splashing or rain water. They are sometimes used as pool floats. Apart from using them at the beaches and pools, one can also use them in amusement parks and any other fun joints. These bags have been lately upgraded to have side pockets where one can put their drink or phone when they are relaxing. If you are not sure of how to use the laybag, you can purchase the Laybag guide from their stores or get it online.


Laybags weigh about three pounds when inflated making them very easy to carry. They can also be deflated and fitted in a small bag that can be carried around. When you want to refill the bag, you are just required to wave it in the air several times. When it is fully filled, the Laybag air sofa seats measures about eighty-three inches by thirty inches. The bag is made of waterproof material that prevents any permeation of fluids that can destroy the seat. The seat can hold up to two people per sitting each weighing about four hundred pounds. It is specifically designed to hold air for very long periods of time even when subjected to immense pressure. This is achieved through a clasping mechanism and an airtight inner layer.

Advantages over the normal chairs

Laybag seats are very portable and therefore easy to carry around with you whenever you go. The sitting posture that they offer is not only comfortable but also does not affect the spinal cord. Most outdoor seats are hard and can cause spinal injury because they lack backrest support. Laybag seats are also all weather, and therefore one does not have to worry when using them in areas with drastic weather changes. The filling process is also easy and can be done even by a kid.

Challenges to expect

When using them in areas without the wind it can be extremely difficult to fill them because you will be required to run around so as to generate enough wind to fill the bag. This can be difficult especially for those people who are physically challenged.

A brand new Laybag seat cost about forty dollars depending on where you buy them. One can also buy second-hand seats at a relatively lower price.

All You Need To Know About Laybag Seats